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Universal, very simple thermometer based on Atmel tiny2313 microcontroller and dallas DS18B20 1-wire thermal sensor. It is possible to set up the overheating alarm just by pressing the button (1 step/5 degrees).
There is 5V DC buzzer inside. Microcontroller turns on the alarm when the temperature reach the critical value.
The alarm value is stored in eeprom memory, then you don't have to set up this value every device restart.
The cover is not in my style because it's kinda ogly, but who cares ;-P
The LCD is the standard 2x8 chars alphanumeric display with HD44780 controller.



electronic schematic:


elements localization:


rest of shots:

rest rest

the rest:

There is no move for this because there is nothing special to show ;)
Files from this project, board, sizes, elements list, .hex, .bas are in here: >click me<
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