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I'm using polish vars, procs names in some of my source codes from the hardware and software projects. (it's because of polish DIY communities)
If you need some info in english or you need help, feel free to contact me.


slackbuilds collection of the Slackware GNU/Linux package build shell scripts which I made within couple of years
tcl repository of mine TCL script for the famous open source eggdrop (linux eggdrop), many various scripts I made for myself and for some people on request via eggdrop community
miscellaneous miscellaneous things, different scripts for different things - simple and complicated, tiny projects etc.


stand-by self-programmable, universal stand-by module based on ATtiny13 microcontroller (switch, RC5 remote controller)
subwoofer subwoofer based on polish speaker Tonsil GDN 30/120/1, Holton AV400 amplifier with stand-by and output selector
volumer simple stand-by/volume control based on ATtiny13 microcontroller (volume control by for example, ALPS motor-driven potentiometer or some other potentiometer with DC motor)
driver universal amplifier driver (stand-by, volume control, input selector, DC output detect, on-delay speakers connection, A/B switcher)
subdriver universal subwoofer driver (stand-by, output selector, DC output detect, on-delay speakers connection, thermal protection)
thermometer very simple thermometer based on ATtiny2313 and 1-wire DS18B20 thermal sensor which I made for my father (with simple overheating alarm)
wwrp - wyse web radio player WWRP - simple web radio player based on WYSE Winterm 9150SE Terminal with own firmware and IR remote control
UNIAMP - DIY amplifier stereo amplifier based on Irek's Uniamp 150 with input selector and remote controller
speakers - tonsil - vifa stereo speakers based on polish speakers Tonsil GDN 15/40/5 and danish speakers Vifa XT25TG
subwoofer - hypex ds8.0 - eminence lab 12 little monster based on Eminence LAB 12 and Hypex DS8.0 amplifier