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Simple, universal module for DIY subwoofer. I made it on attiny2313 microcontroller in connection with some other, standard parts like resistors, relays, diodes, transistors etc. With this module you can turn on or turn off your subwoofer via switch or RC5 remote controller. Switch the output (inside/outside speaker, or both of them). There are two protections: DC output protection and thermal protection (based on digital DS18B20 1-wire thermal sensor). I used buzzer to inform the user about the critical alarms (see the youtube movie for more). This module has the on-delay speaker connection also.
Programming mode like always the same, you just need to hold the switch button for about 6 seconds and later you have to just press the buttons on the remote controller. There is a place on PCB for extra switches or something.
I made it for my subwoofer, but if you need something like this then... you are free to go ;)
All materials are below.
Ah I forgot, the module remembers last output state (eeprom memory).



electronic schematic:


elements localization:


relay shot:


the rest:

see the movie on youtube: >click me<
programming sequence: stand-by, 1st output, 2nd output, both outputs, output disabled

Files from this project, board, sizes, elements list, .hex, .bas are in here: >click me<


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