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Simple stand-by/volume control module based on attiny13 microcontroller. You can turn on/off any device (DIY subwoofer, amplifier or any other device) via switch or RC5 remote controller (more about RC5 >here<).
You can enter in programming mode by holding stand-by button for about 5 seconds.
Additionally, this simple module can control any motor-driven potentiometer (4V DC output, motor controlled by BA6218)



electronic schematic:


elements localization:


relay shot:


list of elements:

the rest:

how it works?
It's very simple. After programming the module you will be able to control Relay (stand-by) and potentiometer motor (left/right which means vol up/vol down).
Im using it to control Polish potentiometer with a motor, but I know users who are using it with ALPS motor-driven potentiometers, they are working pretty fine ;)
You should connect this module to at least 9V AC ~200mA power.
Programming procedure is the same like in stand-by module. First button is a power on/off, second vol up, third vol down.

board layout, elements list, .hex file for attiny13, source code file are available here: >click me<
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