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Some time ago I was searching for standalone Web Radio Player. I know there is many various devices in the net, but they are expensive and it's hard to find a simple player with RCA output
I was trying to make a simple, cheap device just for internet radio.
Some days on the internet auctions and I've found WYSE Winterm 9150SE terminal.
It's a standalone mini computer based on AMD Geode, with 256MB RAM, 512MB FLASH, USB2.0, AUDIO, LAN etc. and it takes around ~7 Watts per hour./
Device looks nice and it's cheap I bought it for 15 euros, sound quality is quite well like for this type of device. All that I made for it is a firmware based on slax linux and IR receiver for my RC5 remote controller. Firmware is very simple, it's just like router or something, you just have to click couple of times and thats all.
You can add and manage playlists, you can change some of configuration options and couple more.
I implemented very basic support of remote control, I wanted just play/stop, mute, next playlist, prev playlist and shutdown, nothing more.
Whole "firmware" is loading from USB, you don't have to to install it on flash memory, you don't even touch original OS installed on this device.

There is couple things which could be better, I mean it takes like 2 minutes to boot up this device, there is a chance to tweak it (for example by changing /dev to static instead of using udev and removing couple other tools). I really don't care about this because I don't need to get player rdy in 10 secs, I can wait 2 minutes - anyway I have it on almost 24/7 ;)
Rest info about the "firmware" in the txt file in the attachment below.



IR receiver:

schematic schematic schematic
schematic schematic schematic

WYSE Winterm 9150SE:

elements elements elements


rest rest
rest rest elements
rest rest elements

the rest:

Installation and other info here: >click me<
Firmware 0.1b here:: >click me<

Any question? Feel free to e-mail me ;)
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